Uptown Black Napkins

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Black Napkins for Weddings, Catering Events, Special Occasions, Hotels and Restaurants | Wholesale Black Cloth Napkins

HIGH QUALITY BLACK NAPKINS. Our 20 x 20 inches cloth napkins in black at Burlap and Silk are perfect as black wedding napkins, hotel linen napkins, restaurant table napkins and as catering napkins. The quality of each black fabric napkin is designed for sophisticated brides and wedding designers. We're also introducing them for hotel, catering and wedding banquet business owners who are looking for professional quality napkins at affordable, wholesale prices. These black napkins are made from commercial grade Milliken-like MJS fabrics. They feature the matte beauty of linen napkins and the softness of cotton. Also available are 72 x 72 inches and 85 x 85 inches black square table overlays, 60 x 102 inches, 60 x 126 inches, 90 x 132 inches, and 90 x 156 inches black rectangle tablecloths, black table runners, and black chair hoods.