Blush Napkins for Weddings and Events (VIDEO)

Create exquisite tablescapes with Burlap and Silk's professional-quality blush napkins and table linens. Our blush napkins are perfect as wedding napkins, hotel napkins, restaurant napkins and as catering napkins. These cloth napkins feature the true Blush shade that event industry professionals and high-end wedding designers use. Not pink. Not light guava. Not pale coral either. Just the real shade of Blush--soft, subtle and sweet.

The quality of each blush wedding napkin is designed for sophisticated brides and wedding designers. We regularly supply these cloth napkins to hotel, catering and wedding banquet business owners whose hospitality business requirements demand professional quality napkins at affordable, wholesale prices. These napkins are made from commercial grade Milliken-like MJS fabrics. Each napkin features the matte beauty of blush linen napkins and the softness of cotton.

VIDEO TRANSCRIPTION: "Wedding trends come and go and there are only a few ones that we can call timeless. A blush themed wedding is one of them. Blush is a rosy, romantic color that can be charming and delicate or high-key glamorous. We see it every year and each time, this subtle and sweet color is re-invented while keeping its classic elegance. It has a softness that is unmatched. Pair it with any color and instantly, everything becomes light and airy. Obviously, blush + white is a color combination that will never go out of style but the palette options are endless. For table designs that look like they came straight of a storybook, using true blush napkins is key. For fairytale-like atmosphere, fuse blush with ivory. If you want an urban sophistication feel, then go with blush with navy blue. Of course, blush + gold channels an intense luxury vibe. Throw in some natural accents such as burlap table runners and you're in for a rustic treat! We can talk about these color palettes one of these days on our blog but for today, in this video, we've rounded up some of our absolute classic favorites that hopefully you'll find helpful as you plan your wedding or event. Just remember that when it comes to blush weddings, the more subtle the design palette, the more stunning the outcome will be. Thank you for watching today's video! Let us know in the comment section below what color palettes you'd like to see in the future."


20 x 20 inches Blush Napkins (singles)

20 x 20 inches Blush Napkins (12-pack) 

14 x 108 inches Blush Table Runners 

12 x 16 inches Blush Placemats

Blush Chiavari Chair Hoods

72 x 72 inches Blush Square Table Overlays

85 x 85 inches Blush Square Table Overlays

60 x 102 inches Blush Rectangular Tablecloths

60 x 126 inches Blush Rectangular Tablecloths