One White Napkin, 4 Napkin-Folding Styles

With a little help from floral buds, ribbon, rustic twines, table runners and tablecloths, a napkin-folding style can help you create a tabletop decor ensemble that your guests will find impressive. If your client's on a budget, let your cloth napkins play double duty, as shown here. They can work as serviettes, as color accent, and as beautiful table centerpieces! Something that both the wedding planning pros and restaurant stylists can pull off.

Simple Napkin-Folding Style for Blush and White Weddings

Blush Tablecloths, White Napkins

Rolled Napkin-Folding Style for Rustic Asian Weddings

Rolled Napkin-Folding Style for Rustic Asian Weddings

"Instant Glam" via Black Chantilly Lace Ribbon

Chantilly Lace Wedding Inspiration

Classy Black and White Wedding Tablescape

Napkin-Folding Styles | White Napkins and Black Placemats

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